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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 14, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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would do what we will cheney's counsel spent at first now that deadline has passed for pro russian separatist in eastern ukraine to surrender the government buildings the bucket right last night the ukrainian president gave the gunmen an ultimatum lay down your weapons by morning or face a military assault. speaking again this morning after the deadline had passed he said the so called anti operation with the ukrainian army is set to begin in the region close to the cb stabilize the cycle of a crack in the nets reports a self i've ever been no signs of change. when ben gets
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the regional administration building is still occupied with just that there are quite a few demonstrated outside playing music that barricade to still that school is relatively calm and i so look for very young police officers are patrolling the ice but to them they said everything is calm yet not like yuki at which gives you an idea of the attitude that they have to the events that happened in kiev the way that the russian tv prevents the event that the situation in which the protest is what i write about and instructed on the teeth to meet the needs here. he did not let themselves and to view the protest it is someone with a more friendly ie i think then that they did the protest is empty of the state of the sis told me that they know of that great so far i've done the warden said to act against the protest is in the region administration building and painting i got from them was very strongly that if they did get such notice they wouldn't bother them. i have also been speaking to locals there whatever they've been saying in particular about this new ukrainian government
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that they still have the people's support if it ever did. kerry needs to be trained in the government has always had that very little support and it said made a lot of mistakes in terms of a north said the need is here to explain the situation not to be in quick enough to give guarantees about the status of the russian language recently said the ads in europe has been that the deer and other needed to try to correct those mistakes but i think it's a possibly too late to see when i have a winning hearts and minds here in the east in ukraine but that means that people with all this effort is that not necessarily keynote separate to the north joining the city dock at least a majority of the dogs but they don't support the government's them what's more worrying is that the government is barry foster losing support in kiev and in central and western ukraine generally because of its apparent inability to deal with this crisis mccracken reporting from jeanette score on the diplomatic front the un security council held an
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emergency meeting sunday over ukraine that was called by brush and that nothing much came out that the russian foreign minister said a laptop is just a beginning a press conference ninety four metre robert parsons was listening in to that he kindly now on a set route one cannot know what was to not have to say now just moments ago with nothing new but said it was too low to try to create the impression the brochure is the change of policy he added that the piece ukrainian so called self defense units have taken control of several cities in eastern ukraine. i'm not submitted that the victims he called on kids. again not to use force but he said that snowball russian attempts to intervene to prevent a cute using force income subsidy nothing to say he was curious to why. the us was sending c i a chief sean brennan to ukraine this week what the significance of that might be suggesting one implying that might be some hidden purpose. he criticize that the west of hypocrisy saying that that they will call him what happened to
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them i'd done them all to see what happens in eastern ukraine terrorism he couldn't see one wall was one wall was an all in all the other. if you can set that russia had no intention whatsoever of getting involved and it isn't appearing inside ukraine with the window. russian troops that there was no russian secret service presence that and again the cold. for the payment or just take a more reasonable line constructed line on talks about it cause she sure all nice and close to true form was awesome initial be imposed on eastern ukraine in the regions of ukraine in general but something which it is very efficient in whole or part he said that the end results. i knew the ukrainian constitution should reflect the will of all nationalities in ukraine in all regions let's get back to that deadline that was unpleasant buybacks ukranian present deadline that's passed and he has just said that that ukraine will know that. you have the military might and power to defeat this kind of
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exchange. well this is one of one of questions we just had to go all the talking then that i'd be. the suspect loyalties of the police in eastern ukraine is good to get to be a major consideration for the ukrainian authorities can they trust the set their own forces. it can take on trust the police only going to do this let's hope of using the ami yumi is no particularly strong in ukraine and is spread out along the eastern border defending against the possibility of a rush of time will hold a discussion or by calling up special service for the reason of this but how efficient our planted these so called reason was to be nobody really knows the additional problem of course that if conflict on staunton blood starts to spill that there is a very real danger that even those of the moment or on the side of the ukrainian authorities may turn against them. i think it's an act of other persons. next to south africa with a cross
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examination. historians say is again underway today in pretoria. track star is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend a rebus team camp last year. daria fans he shot her in bed by mistake thinking it was an intruder mrs county and in effect this week in the witness stand. prosecutor terry now once again very aggressive in his grilling of the stories this morning prompting the athlete to once again break down in tears too germans trial with its thanks to nigeria or a giant explosion has rocked a bus station packed with commuters many of them were on their way to the capital of the shaft. rescue teams are on the ground are reports of dozens of casualties. still no immediate claim of responsibility but suspicion is likely to fall on islamic militant group vocal hyrum his comments have been waging an increasingly bloody insurgency in the northeast and cheery. some ten thousand
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people have been forced from their homes in she lay firefighters that are working to control massive blaze is in a city about to resign this with the sec and ninety in a row. at least twelve people have been killed so far. some reports a raging fire that stubbornly refuses to go out. over three thousand firefighters and soldiers have been fighting a fire in the hills of the party so for dates. they manage to contain the many areas the dry hopping we use to stoke the embers on sunday it spread across the city's hillside neighborhoods thousands of homes were evacuated. we haven't been able to present the prizes in the hills. this is where they wanted to develop. i don't speak out. the forest fire broke out on saturday afternoon in a hilltop neighborhood of the port city it spread quickly as potash traveled from rooftop to
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rooftop in densely populated core areas since six neighborhoods were burned to the ground. the historic city center which is a unesco world heritage site. so far been spared a nice two thousand homes have gone up in flames and more than ten thousand at me. many residents have lost all of their possessions. i was focused on way to the antique because that's where this is our willingness to do that to my house with me and we didn't think about making a house just like losing myself in a sauce. chilean president michelle bachelet eight declared the entire city catastrophes own. chilean authorities hope to be able to control the fire the next forty eight to seventy two hours. my reading on and lights a lighter note something for your to do this the next time you come to pass it's not going up the eiffel tower a worker is on this and it's cooking classes. whether it's to learn how to bake a baguette to perfectly honest i think she is. many people are going
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in search of some friends come and three scales captain cook bridge collapse. from the necessity of love. west lakes. all in all of that yet the sign to turn had to take it from the late french riots happened to the lupron shots laurie like that. the kick during the french baguettes and you can get anything like this back in the united states so it's nice actually helped done there. fresh from the oven. tourists from all over the world together and the table in teaching skills to break bread. and if i were the first of an apron. hoping to take the secret in their sixty fifth. i hope it leads us from us and i didn't like
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what are you going to be pregnant and when they make em. crossing the cobbled streets to a nearby home as any tourists are enjoying an external make experience with our photographer on the glass was great about cheese the libby trial discovery could lead to. discovering when it comes to manage the friends and the brazilians are like chalk and teeth. the brazilian were to see them as they say they've all gone mouldy and throw them in the bin know that this is special though the middle of the fifties and sunny today to soccer as the taste the smell and everything. so it's a real discovery thing manufacturers were collapsed and cars to refine his and she's right here and michelle fowler message if they don't get across the phone and i need to use his skill at the royal mail. in one of my relatives house on shaking with expertise which is dying out. on the spot nifty managed to navigate. nice
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sights to take it off alongside her sister the monument. the yes i can think of what to get the thing with the genie back in and pass. beyond business thompson seen a steep drop in factory job and some say it makes the canteen also need for tools or less secure in the own business with a link between manufacturing and national security comparing prawns to the office things are. beyond is this all falls under the posts link at the prom i eye. welcome back to tolkien
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europe in the run up to the european elections i will bring you a series of interviews of the top candidates from the main political groups in the european parliament. i'm joined here in brussels by cuban hopes that its been only hastened by the alliance of liberals and democrats to contain if it does not see across europe. prime minister of belgium team in hopes that the use of federal list. he's been calling for the creation of the united states of europe. morning eu member states. they must agree to deepen political and economic integration or risk being marginalized in a globalized world people start thinking how much to be with us the main candidates for the liberals. across europe as this election in ways is a bit special because. if your pasta wednesday election. you could become the next president of all the european commission the aim is to have more transparency that
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the austen festival. what is difference between the metal studs and the other candidates. matt made a deal that ended all the candidates of the concept this insertion into the hall for the countries in europe to come to accept kids are in power the prime minister and also the country's socialist white collar and the prime minister and invokes there is a crisis. we are not capable to manage this crisis why because conservatism may be defending the status quo. as such this habit. i almost killed me. in fact the applying data old spy the recipes that use it to make a mold apps to emerge from the crutches but making gold taps is one of you when your solution. we all say unique naturally fiscal discipline because fiscal discipline is necessary for the coconut on top of the main difference is that we want to you was a more integrated europe as an answer for. oh my gawd that you're an underdog. i mean that he preached the proposal
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didn't mock combat on the table and for fifteen years. we got a good coach in europe which we have to do now is the same strategy will say is that the banking and the fossils possible that in the week and weekend we stole the flow of money from the binds to the real economy to the small and incomplete if we have a uni fights and capital markets in europe instead of twenty eight different capital markets then we shall seek a high tech with a t and interesting shall go down for our companies and an interesting example if we have a common energy policy also be new to them we can have to know where prices on energy imagine if you became expressing build the european commission home when you convince allies of the local falls for long how we convinced him to get away powers to brussels when you see many countries like britain france and will they want to do is to have that trinity college in london of giving a way out was to russell is regained sovereignty because let's be
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honest most of the problems that most of the problems we face today cannot be sold by national of recipes by woody submissions on the national level you need a continental approach in the global ice will it take for example on the cia's use of climate change on the national level the cia to wesley mission's arm up the stocking add to that of the board the top of the soul for example get these back to the financial products toxic products gaming fungal the side of the atlantic ocean by twenty eight elections. he didn't want european revenge. haha we're still friends over thirty of different problem they are the problems with that migration illegal migration. you can only do the bike is helping with the dems half of the moment of calm and illegal migration policy and eu heads of states and governments realize what you're telling us what is in crisis then shall continue in my opinion the coming years shall remember to dazzle states a government that have
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filled the last five years and that we have to do it in another way in and looking down at my most established a new resume hunting. well i think it's the message i needed that yes it did the boss of the european central bank you know what she gets the toast of the program a wimpy program mainly what he said was in the recent country being attacked inside you know so i shelved by averaging one day you that what he did to destabilize the country and don't ask me it is. some stability at the side eurozone but it had also these advantage. it has not only which the depression from the markets on the euro it has also taken away the pressure on the politicians to do just have to re forms absent in the form of france the french coleman today is asked in brussels on time to complete these reforms and to take me at to reduce its out of budget deficits have been the feeling of files is that
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there's been too much austerity of the french economy is struggling. do you agree with why we're not not not not to post this case it's good to open the second track the next test at the idea that fiscal discipline is necessary but not enough you need to second track and the second track you can do it in two ways for you to attend a wedding as a socialist opposing the back way by taking new adapts by making you did to six and by creating already the next crisis in utopian if ideas or opinions. all you do it in an intelligent way and intelligent way he steals a more integrated chew up as an engine for job i can get me in bed. another example. for example what goes on on the digital services. we don't have it if you use your mo but you know that the dean came in and fed in bed and yet still exists. so one of the very close to partially shows that the next commission will have to deal with it is the proposed free
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trade agreements between brussels and washington. as a liberal. what is your position i guess you must support such an impediment to support the pkk good because it can create a huge additional crocs. when you're up to create also several hundred thousands of new jobs in the new top box. we have to be aware that this is a free trade agreement is not undermining all. psst standards and norms pumpkin in it and vitamins. social standards that has to be pretty careful getting. it's also necessary to use these pesky a bid to solve another problem. and it is the fact that the americans that would hold the date ended in a recent meeting today are receiving from them to companies like and gold facebook twitter and songs that they are in fact intervening in our private lives of citizens in europe and that we have to guarantee the debt is not a problem you
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can't see well guaranteed by the new regulation. he cites as you look at data protection and regulation on which said the european parliament has worked to the last months and second in the making of agreement which did the americans not critics will tell you the problem with the proposed free trade agreement is that it's kind of made the big three large us multinationals and they will in a way become more powerful than them the members of the necessary if you are half that at the end you need flight european union. y'all have a better position for example who negotiated the company's about the position also today to say to the chinese the new standards for the moment so not my point is that we had for last. also from tea on the national level and is committed the ice well and we have to re gain all sovereignty the capability to the side of destiny weekend regained its sovereignty got on the utopian baffle people suddenly sitting my introduction use of the sprite minister of belgium from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand aids
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now on maybe twenty fifth belgian voters with only like twenty one ndp will also vote in the key national election in the foundational of the country where you come from the separatists and the epoxy is expected to make further gains. the latest developments in belgium reflects growing separate the strands across the continent. our team of the general is below the trees you need in the gulf and my niece i want i've been blocked on the journey across europe to bring us to latest news from the campaign trail. whether in belgium this week they brought us this report the torah fernandez hundreds of pounds cheaper than him a's and made to cycling events. he never said things like what's being done to the mother of all elections. please no legislative and european elections. belgium's unity is
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the state. the ongoing rivalry between the dutch speaking fernandez and its french name that went in and is on average eighty six the weekend getting our marines are willing to give him nothing in return it never ends. ma told the nba is a twenty five eighty percent of poles of the street to the seventy percent of famous people when one of them about it. in a bid to sway the balance the nba has soft and if it makes the case against a show and economic issues rather than on seeking independence of the ideas of a string of political rallies to being scheduled can and the town of maturity. the star guest of the day is sacred ground to a full ninety eight percent of the joint party for he is a guy. boo. over the weekend the separatists conti monster hunters to have more autonomy from belgium and japan to speak icrc says tiffany dampening year. yes i
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know exactly what we want peace you want to make our decision. that's what counts because right now the federal level. we lived only to find documents which does not have majority in the flemish pummeled. did anybody in my feet and extremism belgium could easily be someone from the nba. you can get from nine pm. tennis critics say such as the aryan could have huge consequences on belgium's integrity. then they got it done though there is no doubt the nba as a threat to belgian and their main objective is to put an end to belgium and obtain the independence of flanders for that to happen. the dvd majority in the country there is none at the moment as to what the birth of the nba is the time and still remain belgium's largest of its co conti and the chance to grow even stronger as it's ready to join an auction of government on the twenty fifth of may. the enemy not
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the actions back in twenty ten since with the spanish separatists pontiac sink deep political crisis that our fuel than five hundred and fourteen pence to this time around than to get rid of the country when people insist on still. he drops us could also be plunged into a new political crisis and good decent wants me to the breakup of fuel and i don't think so. as has been indicates it also. a few minutes ago. up to seventy percent of the operation involved in it he says funding for all their pockets kids to get to bed yet to finish nationalist movement that was the spirit of the country. he has no majority leader in the country meters in a tin can confound us. so off. i'm optimistic it all to this election we shall see next week and will make the station between a number of parties five hundred total mind that none of the conflicting that not what people know very well. one day cap expected to continue
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to focus for the flemish nationalist parties that is the new prices of more than that. several hundred of the updates and added those most important began racing in the interest rates had to go study for a week in seoul for a political problem said that all about the key antonio sanchez said by the market spiking the increase that to increase interest rates. it's interesting the zoo calling for a european super state that steele did well to win not actually going up and up the middle. i'm against european super state. i know i'm against european democracy. what i want to do is to have more euro what you're up as an added value what you can show that europe has an ebb tide. but on these items. what europe has not added value. i think we have to transfer the back piece competence to do regional on the national level for example that that the color of plentiful in restaurants is for me not some so you have legal aid rates while he may say that
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sometimes europe has gone too far in the know the difference between me and and and independents to cameron is that mr cameron sees only. i was going back there too to all that and he sees not the opportunities that we have to put a member of competence of the un the european left let me give you one example that it's a european defence agency to an enormous emotional value for all students in the world and european defence but it would also cover costs in europe the budget deficits because that we have in twenty eight countries be the exactly the same that we have been leveled expenditures in europe a forty two percent of the expenses in american military expenses in america that we can only do ten percent of the operations said that the twenty oh four times less affected them. d am i concerned it's time now to bring in all popular enough of talking europe and safety team from european voice so we can use plate about provides independent insight into the brussels
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don't wait. hello break. not even looking back at the weekend europe lebanese it was a very good week for a european leader. it was a very good week for a picture of the prime minister of hungary who immerse victorious in the country's elections on sunday. actually it looks like he's secured the two thirds constitutional majority that will enable them to continue a sort of stranglehold over the country's institutions of a sustained in a cost efficient yet and this is rather embarrassing for the european union which has severely criticized or buy for all of these interference of the judiciary restrictions on press freedom and yet it would appear that the voters of hungary don't care what you think. the last eight percent. ok the last eight percent up from fifty two to forty four nevertheless he is still the king tut majority as he has before. how is possible that you didn't believe him anymore the electro know that what i mean it's not a good example for the manipulation
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was happening on me. he has made two new well as solo and the river remains the most d action. nevertheless yet still the same number of seats. the main problem he said to be economically for the moment in time. because if you see dd results. i don't weak results economically. if you compare that for example where the country. michael mania with a country like going into the hof fault that economic growth is done then give them a starbucks so the problem is that he's not the self. i think the connection of european union has has been two weeks because week we have the guts not the courage to you who said that repeal article seven and we need to say to him you have to make a number of changes acceptable changes in your system of democracy is not the same as a dictatorship of the majority of the top two different things even in a democracy when you have the majority you have to respect minority. individual rights of people away from the assault on about a week for me to another political
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leader which was david cameron in the uk. he's dealing with the kind of mini scandal in his cab right now yes. the circuit is the state secretary for culture who was caught fiddling their expenses. students and contrite enough he refused to sack her she finally resigned today. but to him for joe is playing into the whole narrative of the tories as being a kind of elitist and out of touch party. this comes a terrible time for hand because this is just ahead of the european elections and this is exactly the message that you kept his job and you get your kit of the watch and tell your kid does of course in these elections now that is an ultimate if we can. which is believed that spot keel fin that's the slogan and the entire europe and the lending itself to the park is that i can finally get there shall be of use and into the candy and not a huge majority. maybe even said that a majority of the two state into the european union he coughs up the guitar much for taking part in this edition of tokyo
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by remind of us that you're the leading candidates for the liberals and democrats thinking baking tin from european voice. as the end of talking up from all of us here in brussels. goodbye and thank you for what. what will the one that will choose yours. it was for many years twenty oh eight and it's great to come to trial. i know. i had written in white
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about that. ch. what will the eye. green the midst of it in the region. but union will be signed in may this year. kazakhstan russia and the lovers have been waiting for the state for three years according to the developers finalize negotiations are being held now. also if you remember the story twenty years ago the president of salt into my house. the idea of the establishment of the single you're asian economic space during the lecture in omaha so moscow state university the head of state understood the need of our country's integration and now years later we


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